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Congratulations. You are eighteen years old. For a whole year you have had the right to die for your country as a soldier sailor or airman.....and now a grateful nation is giving you the legal opportunity to vote!

There may be a powerful case for changing the law and lowering the voting age. There is certainly a strong argument for encouraging all young people to take a more active interest in politics and politicians. I already devote a lot of time and effort talking to people like you, telling them about the political process, inviting them up to Westminster and encouraging them to get involved. I have a host of helpful links too:

This page is simply a way of saying hello and bringing together a few of the basics.  You might, for instance, fancy a trip round Parliament. This page of the Parliamentary website explains how: http://www.parliament.uk/education/

The boring bits first. You can't vote unless you fill in a form. Then you can pick councillors for District and County and send the candidates of your choice to Westminster and Brussels. You will need to download the registration form from the council: This is the link to follow:




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The Electoral Commission has a site with plenty of basic information.

But the really good thing about democracy is that YOU choose which party to support (if any!)   

Here's a really useful link - to the e-mails and websites of ALL MPs !

And a few links to local authorities in the constituency. The following websites list all councillors.


Last of all, the European Parliament:

There are seven MEPs covering the ludicrously large South West England constituency. You can pick whichever one you fancy to contact, and they come in all shapes and sizes - Conservatives, Labour, Lib-Dem and UKIP too.

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