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Nobody can or should make light of local job losses. Bridgwater and West Somerset are feeling the pinch like the rest of the country - and indeed the rest of the world. But we have something very important going for us. We have always been an innovative community. That is why we still have one of the lowest rates of unemployment in Europe. This is no comfort to those who have recently lost their jobs or fear for the future. But I want to talk up the good news rather than becoming depressed by the bad.

Several huge new projects spring to mind: - THE INNOVIA SITE

and, of course, Hinkley:

The new Hinkley power station

All these spell hope for the future. There are also positive steps we can all take to help our finances in shape and assist the wider local economy at the same time.

Find out for yourself what any potential lenders will read about you, your financial situation, payment history etc. It is imperative this reads accurately to put you in with the best opportunity to be approved for whichever financial facility you require. It should list all credit accounts related to you such as loans, mortgages, credit/store cards. It could even list mobile phone contracts and will certainly declare if you have any county judgements against you for prior non-payments. If there are any inaccuracies on your report, you should contact the relevant companies direct to correct this. Remember, even a small mistake could deter a potential lender from offering you a loan. Ensure you are registered to vote at your current address. This simple thing can add valuable points to your credit score. If you are not yet registered you can access the forms to fill in via this link:


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