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The inability to decipher words is NOT an untreatable condition.


I know. I am dyslexic.

But I am very concerned that children in Somerset sometimes get short shrift when it comes to proper help. There is a real obligation on the local education authority to provide the very best assistance available.Is this really happening? What is the situation in other local authorities?

I have launched an All Party Parliamentary Group to represent the cause of Dyslexia wihin Parliament. The inaugural meeting was held on May 23rd 2007. The group already has 59 members from the Commons and the Lords. Many more have expressed a genuine interest in taking part in the future. I want to get Dyslexia high on the political agenda. I want this condition properly understood by the decision makers in Whitehall and Town Halls the length and breadth of the UK..



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Many worthy organisations have well-developed websites to keep the public informed. But a brand new one deserves special mention. Action4SEN was established by a group of parents seriously and rightly concerned about the way funding in Somerset is being syphoned away from needy SEN and Dyslexia cases. They deserve support and help. I am happy to link my site to theirs:

Action4SEN has done a great deal to highlight the way in which Somerset County Council distributes public money.

There are, of course, many other extremely useful websites which will be added as I find them or as people point them out to me - the latest excellent suggestion (top of the list below) comes from a plucky young person (hello Sam!) who helps to look after a child with dyslexia.  I warmly recommend that you take a look:

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