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Farming is Somerset's second biggest business - but Somerset farmers have to try harder. The soil may be rich, but the landscape doesn't make it easy for anyone....everything from frequently-flooded wetlands on the Levels to bleak hills. Dairy farming is in the doldrums. Sheep farming is much less than lucrative. Farm incomes are at an all-time low. Subsidies are under threat. European Agricultural Policy is being reformed. And many who work on the land believe that central government ignores their plight. I have created a Farm Forum within the constituency to ensure that local expertise is heard and properly used.  Please  CONTACT ME if you would like to join or need specialist advice.


Liddell-Grainger putting the boot in as usual !

Signing a giant boot at Westminster for LEAF

one of the many farming organisations I support.


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The two biggest food producers in the constituency:

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