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"To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service"   

It is quite a vision and quite a responsibility. Lions clubs are frequently unsung heroes and heroines of community life. I know. I am also a Lion. There is a club at Westminster and they allowed me in! But I am also well aware of the very hard work done for our people in Minehead and Bridgwater by the Lions. It is impossible for me to attend many meetings, but when I do I am always impressed, awed in fact,  by the genuine effort put in by so many. Lions raise money, of course. But they also act as pillars of the community, examplars and mentors for tomorrows generations. Fuddy duddy they are definitely not.   

 And this is the man who began it all in 1917 - Melvin Jones, an insurance man from Chicago. He wondered why local business clubs could not expand their horizons from business concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. It took a long time to cross the Atlantic - Europe got the bug in 1948 and England chartered its first Lions club as late as 1950.

But "Lionism" has spread throughout the world!

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