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RPA? - Rarely Pays Anyone

This body was set up to make life simpler for farmers by distributing EU allowances efficiently and fairly. In fact it has done precisely the opposite.Farmers have been paid too much, too little, and in many cases absolutely nothing at all. It has driven some of them to distraction and others to bankruptcy. I fear that a few may have come dangerously close to ending their own lives because of the antics of this dreadful agency.My constituency relies on agriculture. It is the biggest industry we have.But it is always vulnerable to the weather, to disease and – worst of all – to stupid bureaucracy. The RPA's stupid bureaucracy is still having a dangerous impact on my farmers. That is why I initiated a debate in Westminster Hall on March 17th. And that is why I refused to mince my words about the agency, its contractors and - worst of all - its senior management team. You can read the whole debate by clicking this link

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