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The government is calling on parish councils to help safeguard village shops and pubs. Local government minister Grant Shapps believes parish councils could get involved to save them for the benefit of local people.

"The village shop, pub or post office is often the beating heart of a community, so when one is threatened with closure - often for a reason as simple as the shop owner or pub landlord retiring - I would expect the local parish council to pull out all the stops to keep it going."

I absolutely agree with him. Village shops in this constituency are living proof that local trade is alive and well. But they can only grow and prosper if local people use them regularly. We should all celebrate the important contribution that local shops make to rural communities. Here's a small sample from my "hall of fame"

Paul and Jenny, Winsford  + Withypool's famous shop

Timberscombe PO + Brompton Regis's George Inn Shop

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If you think other local shops deserve a plug (and I'm sure many do) please get in touch:


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