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Bridgwater and West Somerset is an exellent place to start new businesses or expand existing ones. We have always been innovative here - from the days of the brickworks through the era of heavy industry to the age of high tech. We are accessible by road and rail and have the best workforce in Britain, boasting a huge range of skills. It is an essential part of my job as Member of Parliament to do everything I can to encourage enterprise  - and therefore try to secure new employment. This page contains the main website links to the business world - and a few of the more distinguished local links too.

It may be worthwhile to take a look at two other pages on this site:

Both these industries are vital to the area, and you will find many specific links.

Without a shadow of a doubt there is far too much red tape in this country and there are far too many regulations. I am working in Parliament to reduce bureaucracy and make it easier for the business community to create wealth and jobs.

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