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There are exceptional educational establishments in the constituency, there are good schools.....and, yes, there are a few not-so good schools as well.

It is part of my job to fight the case for generous spending on all state-funded education. It is sometimes my job to take the Local Education Authority to task for failing to spend resources well enough, or not arguing forcefully enough for sufficient money in the first place. I prefer not to intervene in individual disputes between parents and the LEA. I cannot take sides unless I am in full possession of all the facts from both sides - that is the job of a judge, not an MP.  But I am usually happy to ask the authorities to review cases where necessary.

The whole process of education can be a nerve-racking experience for parents, pupils and teachers too. There are so many new yardsticks, so many tests, so many confusing tables. Too many in my view. The links on this page may be useful and if you are in any doubt or have any suggestions just send me a message: ianliddellgrainger@hotmail.co.uk

PS: Those nice people at Ordnance Survey are offering free maps for all 11 year-olds. Every pupil is entitled to a map. If your school hasn't ordered yet, here's how to do it: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/freemapsfor11yearolds/

And the Parliamentary website has a special section devised entirely for young people:


PLUS....A quick plug for Haygrove school......................

statistics prove it!

Haygrove knows how to win the arguments.....look how well they do by county and national standards!Their team took the Regional Prize in the National Youth Parliament Competition 2008 - sponsored by the Citizenship Foundation.http://www.citizenshipfoundation.org.uk 

I had a very small part in helping coaching them in the subtle arts of winning an argument.But I am delighted to issue a very hearty note of congratulation!  WELL DONE !

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